Ruger’s New LCP MAX – The BEST Pocket Carry Pistol!

A few months ago we looked at the brand new Ruger Max 9 pistol, a micro-compact, optics ready pistol chambered in 9mm luger.    It is reliable, easy to shoot and easy to live with, BUT it is still not my daily concealed carry pistol.  Perhaps This gun will be!  The brand new Ruger LCP Max.

Let’s take a look at it’s features, why it’s such a big deal and then get some first impressions from the range.


The Ruger LCP Max is a pocket sized pistol chambered in 380 auto.  While the gun shares the LCP name, this is largely a major makeover of the LCP 2.

Despite the LCP 2 being lumped into the same category of firearms as the Max 9, Sig P365, Taurus GX4 and the Springfield Hellcat, if those are micro compacts, then the LCP Max is an ultra compact and there is a meaningful size difference between the two.  

The Ruger LCP Max has a 2.8” barrel and has an overall length of 5.17 inches.  While this is about an inch shorter than the others, the big difference is in the weight.  The LCP Max weighs just 10.7 ounces, which is about a half pound lighter than comparable 9 millimeter pistols such as the Taurus GX4.    This is truly a gun that you can throw into a pocket and forget that it is there.

For a deep dive into the new Ruger LCP MAX, watch our complete video!

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