Cyelee Bull X-Pro Review: Budget-Friendly Red Dot with Premium Features

Are you tired of overpriced red dots with limited features? Cyelee Optics might have the answer with their new Bull X-Pro. This packed-to-the-brim sight promises durability, versatility, and affordability, attracting both seasoned shooters and budget-conscious newcomers. But, how does it stack up in real-world use? We delve into the Bull X-Pro’s features, initial impressions based on a video transcript, and offer additional insight from reliable sources like Cyelee’s website and user reviews.

Key Features:

  • RMR Footprint: Compatible with most pistol mounting plates and slides designed for RMR, SRO, 407C, 507C, and 508T red dot sights.
  • Variable Reticle Technology (VRT): Choose between a 2 MOA dot, 24 MOA circle, or both simultaneously for rapid target acquisition in various scenarios.
  • Drop-proof and Waterproof: Constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum and IPX7 rated, ensuring durability in harsh conditions.
  • Motion Deactivation: Automatically turns off after a period of inactivity and reactivates with motion, saving battery life.
  • 50,000-Hour Battery Life: Power through extended shooting sessions without worry.
  • Multiple Brightness Settings: Adjust the red dot intensity for optimal visibility in diverse lighting conditions.
  • Windowed Design: Offers a large viewing window for improved situational awareness.

First Impressions:

Based on the transcript of a video review, the Bull X-Pro seems promising. The reviewer highlights its:

  • Solid build quality and premium finish comparable to higher-end optics.
  • Impressive features like VRT, shake-awake activation, and long battery life.
  • Large window for enhanced situational awareness.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating for confident use in wet environments.

However, some reservations are also mentioned:

  • High price point for a Chinese brand compared to established competitors.
  • Uncertain long-term performance and customer support due to Cyelee’s relative newness.
  • Bulkier profile might not be ideal for concealed carry.

Further Exploration:

To get a more comprehensive picture, we can consult additional resources:

  • Cyelee Optics website: Provides detailed specifications, user manuals, and warranty information.
  • Independent user reviews: Offer valuable insights into real-world performance and potential issues.
  • Comparisons with similar red dots: Help determine if the Bull X-Pro offers better value for its price.


The Cyelee Bull X-Pro appears to be a compelling option for its feature set, build quality, and price point. However, due to the limited information available from a first-impressions video, further research is crucial before making a purchase decision. Consider factors like your budget, intended use, and desired features to determine if the Bull X-Pro fits your needs. We recommend checking out Cyelee’s website, reading user reviews, and comparing it to similar red dots before diving in.

Remember, the video review only offers a first glimpse. By exploring additional resources and considering your specific needs, you can make an informed decision about whether the Bull X-Pro is the right red dot for you.

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