LabRadar Doppler Radar / Chronograph On Sale! $499

If you know what a LabRadar is, here is your opportunity to buy one on sale! If you are a reloader, handloader, long range shooter, a competitive shooter or simply want to learn about ballistics, you need to have a good chronograph, and the LabRadar doppler radar is the cream of the crop. Our channe

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Ultimate Ammo Protection

Life is often about having things that are either “good enough” or simply “wicked cool.”     In my last few precision rifle videos I had something that is totally “wicked cool,” this protective ammo box from Inflection Design & Engineering. These bullet boxes provide shooters the

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Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25

Breaking Down The Barriers To Long Range Shooting!

When I first got into shooting in the mid 2000s, I quickly became interested in long range shooting. At that time, the standard recommendation for most shooters was to pick up a Remington 700 Police or a 700 VS and if your budget does not allow that, a Savage model 10FP, both in 308 Winchester. Gen

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