Zev Technologies Zev OZ9 – More Than A Gucci Glock – Initial Squat Down

This video is an initial deep dive into the new Zev Technologies Zev OZ9, a modular pistol in 9mm. Is it the ultimate evolution of a Glock 17? Or is it like the other “Gucci Glocks?”

We take a look at the features, discuss whom it is right for, and then take it out to the range. Included is footage from a local USPSA match where I shot the gun for the first time.

Competing products include the Salient Arms, Agency Arms, Taran Tactical and other modified Glock pistols along with the other modular firearms such as the Sig P320, Sig P250 and STI & SVI 2011 pistols.

Special thanks to Todd @ Freedom Sports LLC for providing the transfers!

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