Troy A4 AR-15 “Other Firearm” – 1,000 Rounds in 1 Hour

Very few gun owners will ever put more than 1,000 rounds through their firearms, even less will put that amount of ammo in one day and further less would do it in one hour. 

The exceptions are going to be  gun owners who participate in  competitions such as USPSA   or taking intensive training classes, where they may shoot that many rounds over the course of a few days.

While there are channels out there who pursue   meltdown videos, shooting guns through registered full auto lower receivers  ,   that is generally going to be more entertainment than realistic.

I was recently supplied with 1,000 rounds of 223 and a gun… so we shot it through the gun to replicate a more realistic life the gun may have.

This video is a follow up to the complete review of the new Troy A4 AR-15 “Other Firearm/Non-NFA,” which is available and legal in banned states such as NJ, CT and others.

In this video we go to the range and fire more than 1,000 rounds through the gun, both suppressed and unsuppressed in right around 1 hour. We also discuss whether or not you should build your own “other firearm” and the accuracy.

This applies to all Troy A4 configurations such as Pistol, Rifle, SBR and others.

For a complete look at the gun, please visit my previous video, where we took a look at the features, discussed whom it is right for, and then took it out to the range. I then give you my first impressions and recommendations and then give you my bottom line.

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